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Meet Paula Lamb the host of Knowing Me, Knowing You who tunes in from the West Coast of Canada with her beautiful silky smooth accent . Paula is an avid traveller, having travelled the world extensively and had experiences only dreams are made of. Besides travel she loves connecting with people from around the world hearing their life stories, beach holidays, is a fitness enthusiast & personal development junkie.

Paula, an immigrant for the second time in her life, a retired Personal Exercise, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach having spent more than 30 years in the service industry and 10 years in Health and Fitness. She loves to use her platform to connect with people from all walks of life, learn about what makes them tick and share their voice & message with the world. Being behind the microphone has been a long time dream of Paula's. She loves to make her guests feel comfortable and have a good laugh during their time together.

Tuning into this Education & Interview Podcast you will be introduced to people from all walks of life & from many different arenas in this world. Personal Development, Immigrants, Authors, Chakra Specialists, Intuitive's, Oral Hygienists, Nutritional Consultants, Personal Exercise Specialists, Hypnotherapists, Life Coaches, Community Faith Leaders, Foodies, Business, Travel, Relationship Coaches & more.

KMKY is about connection & community, taking us beyond the hellos where we learn more about ourselves & each other by reaching across the divide, connecting through knowledge, information share & let us not forget Paula's favourite part the storytelling.  

Each guest brings their own dynamic spark taking us on a journey in their footsteps & then sharing with us an information piece to add further value to our lives.  KMKY is not only an information sharing portal but one where we want to have fun, where we get into the good ole life stuff, where we talk about the challenges & triumphs that come our way, & if we can we enjoy a good laugh along the way. 

Tuning in ,you will unlock a wealth of education, guidance, connection, & food for thought we promise.

Join our family as we connect & learn together. 

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